Redesign of the Interurban Mexico-Toluca Train


Rodrigo Rosales Álvarez     Ricardo Moreno López        Paola Corina Salazar       Raquelle García           Guadalupe Pineda          Victoria Ruvalcaba        Alejandro Mejía           Gibran Enrique García
This is a proyect that intent to conect the different áreas of Toluca and Metepec to Mexico City using an elevated transport media which stores energy from solar panels  and carries about 10-12 passengers per wagon.

Team Roles

Styling and design:
Victoria, Corina & Gibran

Urban Planning
Raquelle &Guadalupe

Rodrigo & Ricardo


Urban Planning:

 Spartan wagon is plannet to be an eco-friendly and optimized transport media which connects main points of Toluca, Metepec, Lerma and Mexico city. In order to avoid difficult and expensive infrastructure this system is planned to take advantage of the existing one, using pillars, second floor  ways, buildings and mostly pedestrian bridges.

Spartan wagon travels through an elevated p…
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